Why do Americans, despite having access to the best exercise equipment and trying hundreds of diet plans, continue to gain weight and represent the most overweight nation in the world?

Total Activation - The New 5 Step Fitness Mantra is a timely and dynamic new approach to weight loss and personal fitness for America. As an American who emigrated from India in 2004, Nitin Chhoda has seen first hand the fitness dichotomy between eastern and western cultures. His observations reveal cultural causes of obesity and weight gain in America. The genesis of the solution; Total Activation takes place in his native country India. Chhoda spends entire chapters comparing American lifestyle with that of a native Indian way of life across 5 'dimensions' of wellness. His findings reveal the secrets to weight loss, diet and wellness that allow Indians to remain fit and healthy.

Total Activation employs eastern philosophies and examples to provide a total health and wellness solution that allows readers to sustain the program with success and ultimately lead healthier lives. The system is modeled on “ICI” and "EPSSI." “ICI” involves the three stages of change: Identify and Compare (with Indian culture), Integrate (into the American lifestyle). The five components of the Total Activation program are: Emotional, Physical, Social, Spiritual and Intellectual (EPSSI). Total Activation recommends improvements in the five components of life by utilizing the ICI method - identify the problem that may affect you, compare it with Indian culture and integrate positive change into your life. For example, identify your (physical) limitation of inactivity, compare it with Indian lifestyle (regular activity) and integrate it into your own (practical tips provided in the 30 day plan).

The final result is weight loss, healthier habits, a more active lifestyle and an improved mind-body connection. Chhoda sums up the program by stating, “Total Activation is profound enlightenment. It involves transcending the mind and overcoming boundaries in 5 dimensions of life and existence: emotional, physical, spiritual, social and intellectual." This represents a way of living for Americans in the 21st century.

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