TOTAL ACTIVATION explains why America is the most overweight country in the world and presents a timely and permanent solution. It explores the fitness dichotomy between eastern and western cultures. As a citizen of India who now resides in the United States, Chhoda compares American lifestyle with that of a native Indian way of life and integrates eastern philosophies into the American way of life to create a total wellness solution. The system is also called the "EPSSI" fitness solution. The five components of the Total Activation program are: Emotional, Physical, Social, Spiritual and Intellectual (EPSSI). The end result of the 30 day system is weight loss, healthier habits, a more active lifestyle and an improved mind-body connection.

TOTAL ACTIVATION is the New 5 Step Fitness Mantra for Today's American. Despite billions of dollars spent on fitness products, America is the most overweight nation on the planet. In sharp contrast, Eastern cultures like India do not obsess over weight-loss, fad diets or exercise trends. Natives of India eat, drink and live life in a totally activated state. In this revolutionary book, fitness guru Nitin Chhoda will introduce you to the fitness secrets of the East, also known as the EPSSI fitness equation. You will improve your emotional (E), physical (P), social (S), spiritual (S) and intellectual (I) health to transform your life within 30 days. You are introduced to Madan Gupta, an Indian-born immigrant residing in the United States and his friend Rita, a native American citizen. Using observations, scientific facts and casual conversations between the characters, a wellness philosophy in which ‘fitness' (one dimensional) is redefined as ‘activation' (five dimensional) is born.

TOTAL ACTIVATION: How to make your child eat better, lose weight, boost energy and stand out in class!

TOTAL ACTIVATION: How to lose weight, gain energy, eat healthy and reach your peak potential in life!

TOTAL ACTIVATION: Toning For Women: How to burn fat, shape and tone hips, thighs and the lower body and improve your body shape, self esteem and image.

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