Nitin Chhoda In The News: Nitin appeared on the Martha Stewart Radio on Sirius Satellite . Also appeared on the Danielle Lin Show (previous guest Deepak Chopra) and Investors Business Daily on October 10, 2008

NITIN CHHODA's Upcoming Speaking Engagements
Club Industry East Conference program, held in association with NEHRSA and NSCA’s Northeast Chapter, taking place May 27-30, 2009 at the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center, in Boston, MA

Vermont Physical Therapy Association, May 9th, 2009

Nitin Chhoda featured in the Bergen Record (#60 ranked daily in the US) as a fitness expert and fitness author.

BOOK REVIEW ON HEALTH NEWS. Madeline Ellis reviews 'Total Activation' on Health News.

THE BARBARA ALEXANDER SHOW, Health Radio Network. This national radio show is distributed by the Health Radio Network and discusses traditional and alternative medicine, new developments in preventative medicine and more. Previously featuring Steve Forbes, Jesse Ventura. On 7/22/08, Nitin was interviewed for 45 minutes about his book.

"HEALTH BEAT OF AMERICA" (previously featuring Montel Williams, Martina Navratilova) on 7/25/08 interviewed Nitin about his new book "Total Activation".

"THE JESSE DYLAN SHOW " (previously featuring Deepak Chopra, Andrew Weil, Allison Dubois, Sarah Ferguson) on 8/7/08 called Nitin about his new book "Total Activation".

 "THE OBSERVER ", leading newspaper serving Kearny, Jersey City and Newark, NJ on 8/18/08 interviewed Nitin about his new book "Total Activation".

THE FRANK TRUATT SHOW, TBQ-AM is a commercial station owned by the FST Broadcasting Corp, and an affiliate of ABC Radio. It broadcasts to New York and surrounding communities at 1100 AM. The show covers a wide variety of issues locally, statewide, national and international. The show interviewed Nitin about his book and thoughts on fitness.

Nitin Chhoda labelled as the 'Fitness Guru' of North America on CH14 Montreal TV.

Nitin Chhoda served as adjunct faculty, Millersville University, PA, a guest speaker at University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, a keynote speaker at York University, Canada, a highly popular speaker at the Fitness Business Summit, California to rave reviews!


The Observer Weekly Newspaper of New Jersey was established in 1887, and reaches over 100,000 readers. It is a 120-year tradition in West Hudson County, and is now managed by Nitin Chhoda's dear friend Lisa Tortoreti Pezzolla, and has been extremely popular for over 100 years.


Nitin Chhoda writes a regular column for Canada's #1 Lifestyle Magazine for South Asians - Anokhi Vibe and The Observer News, Kearny, NJ.


NITIN CHHODA at the Fitnesss Business Summit, 2008
Nitin Chhoda conducts a seminar for over 200 fitness professionals on 'The importance of writing a book on fitness', in Anaheim Hills, CA on Feb 2008.

NITIN CHHODA at the Fitnesss Business Summit, 2008 - Testimonials








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